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Basic Beginnings to The Spoon Budget

Hi I’m Dana!

My journey to becoming a foodie started at Basic Training (literally).

After joining the Army to pay for my student loans and becoming a cook in the Army, my love for cooking and recipes grew and changed. I often had little choices for ingredients while feeding 100+ soldiers food that had any flavor.

Basic Beginnings 1

Moving forward.

I have accomplished many things in the past couple of years. After 8 years of service in the Army and a Masters Degree, I decided to start my blog, sharing my love for cooking, thrifting and saving money through small lifestyle changes.

Connecting Food with Health

Writing and cooking has always been a passion of mine, especially the food.

I always joke around that I would be a lot thinner if I didn’t have such a love for food. I struggle with an unresponsive pituitary tumor, adding on those pesky hormones forced me to change my style of cooking.

As I continued to transition, I learned how to eat and cook what is best for my health.

We now buy grass fed/hormone free meat, organic produce, and clean foods. It is not always cheap or easy, but I have found a way to budget $75 of groceries a week for both me and my husband. Even my dogs eat clean diets!

Basic Beginnings 2
Rylie (Left) – Me and Doug in Hawaii (Center) – Chester (Right)

Sharing what I love.

I love to feed others which often leads to the question, “What is your recipe?!?”

The answer is most always, “I didn’t follow one.”

Cooking for soldiers anywhere from 100 to 1000 at times, it was always hard to measure the right flavors. I hope to share my go to recipes and how you can change them to fit your flavor profiles or cabinet items.

Basic Beginnings 3

Other ways to save!

As far as my health, I looked to Naturopathic Health by supplements and clean eating. Needing to change my environment to help my hormones, my house is chemical free. I make my own cleaners and laundry detergent which in turn saves a ton of money too!

I hope to share my own experiences and hope that they can help others with basic steps whether it is a love for food, a need for a better budget, or changing lifestyle through food for better health!