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Gluten Free For Beginners

Beginning Gluten Free


At the age of 16, suffering from gut bloat, knee pain, and never ending itching, I was told that I was gluten insensitive. Now please remember, there is a BIG difference between Gluten Intolerant and Celiac Disease.

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Gluten Free

Gluten Intolerance shows discomfort or sensitivities when ingesting gluten. Celiac Disease is MUCH more severe as it is an autoimmune disease that will attack the intestine when Gluten is ingested. These are much different.

Diets such as the Paleo Diet, Atkins, South Beach, and Keto all cut down major grains in the diet. Back in 2003 when I discovered my sensitivity, there were not many Gluten Free alternative options compared to today. I like to say that I had to give up Gluten before giving up Gluten was popular.

Here is my warning, if you are intolerant and choosing to eliminate Gluten from your diet, PLEASE!!!! DO NOT run to all the Gluten Free foods you can find. Cookies, cereals, breads, pastas, desserts. This is the WORST thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t believe me, let the 10-20 extra lbs I gained tell you how that goes.

Modern Gluten free products are filled with sugar to replace gluten. Eating a whole food diet is going to serve you the best.

First: Your gut needs to heal from the damage caused by the gluten. Supplying your body with Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein are the best. I error on the caution of dairy too. Dairy contributes to gut bloat and yeast growth, neither which help the gut biome.

Getting Started

Avoiding gluten and reading labels needs to be your first step towards cutting Gluten. I read Gluten Free Girl: How I Found the Food that Loves me Back.. And How you Can Too to help me understand that I needed to ditch gluten in order to destroy carb and sugar cravings fueled by yeast. By doing this, I got my gut and body working right.

I am not going to lie to you. This is not going to be easy. You will have to fight carb and sugar cravings, you will feel left out when eating with friends. Stick to your needs, 5 minutes of the satisfaction from food compared to the 2 plus days of misery is not worth it!

People will offer you food you cannot eat. The best I can tell you is learn to politely say “No thank you”. If they continue to ask you or push you, then say I cannot eat it.

The last and hardest. DO NOT CHEAT. Cheating never ends well.

For me, cheating meant uncomfortable gas, bloating, and itching skin. My skin got so bad I would have terrible breakouts on my arms, legs, and stomach. Just don’t do it.

Changing your eating habits, especially if you emotionally eat will be a struggle. Check out 5 Books for Positive Thinking that will help you along your new journey. They helped me a ton!


Start Reading Labels

Reading labels will be the biggest change to your routine. Thankfully the difference between 2003 and 2017 is the FDA law requiring the disclosure of gluten. This is great but there are still some ingredients that trigger sensitivities.

Grains: Learn to recognize what different kinds of grain there are. There is nothing worse than eating a grain because you did not know what it is. Some examples are: Semolina, Farrow, Cous Cous, Millet and Buckwheat. There are much more but pay attention.

Hidden Grains: Modified food starch was a KILLER for me. This stinker ruined so many foods for me, even drinks! Doritos, Candy, Sports Drinks.. It is hidden in everything! Pay attention to this one the most, you may think that small dusting of gluten won’t hurt. Trust me, it will!

Give in to cooking…

I know, I know… You may hate me for this one but trust me. There are ways to avoid gluten and eat really great meals! If you do not like cooking let me introduce you to your new best friend!

NOTE: I am not an affiliate for Hot Logic, I blog and Freelance for the product because I believe in it so much! I even have my own code to save you 20% off. Please use “DANA” at check out. I am paid to write recipes and post for them.

Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken cooked from raw with mushrooms, spinach, onion, and provolone cheese (GLUTEN FREE!!)

Hot logic

I have loved sharing the Hot Logic! Writing for them I often get to give away free product to those who are either skeptic or need a better tool to meal prep. The base level is $40 and can use Pyrex (glass), Foil, Plastic, cardboard. Portion control is a breeze without EVER MEAL PREPPING!

I get most of my content for Hot Logic by merely sharing it and asking for a picture and a review. Every time I give one away, I get a raving review for days!

Side note: it never reaches over 165 degrees F so it cannot boil water or fully cook pasta or potatoes. (You cannot eat pasta anyways so it doesn’t matter!)

When you give in to eating home cooked meals or prepped meals, YOU control what you eat and what goes into your food and your body. Plus it saves you MONEY! Can you say BUDGET GOALS?!?

Establish a Grocery Method

Grocery stores are set up where the dairy, meat, and produce are on the outside of the store. The most simple way to change your eating style is to only shop those sections.

If you need some help or you want to eat organic and lack the availability there are great online companies to look at. I would recommend:

Fresh Direct: You can order your groceries online, pick a delivery time and have it delivered to your door. This is a great way to save money and time, but also avoid foods you may be tempted to buy that are NOT on your diet! The best part is you can sign up for $25 off your first order of $99 off!

Use coupon code: FD25OFF

Fresh deliveries are becoming popular and if you need to stick to a new way of eating, these ways are easy and convenient.

Thrive Market: Thrive is gaining momentum online as many organic and clean options are available, including Gluten Free. The reason I love this site is the availability of foods for me but also my dogs.

I may sound like a crazy lady but if I won’t eat it, my dogs don’t eat it. Their favorite treat is coconut oil! I mean…. Would you say no to those big brown eyes?

Chester begging


Sorry, back to food… Thrive often offers discounts or free shipping on $49 or more (that’s not hard to do!)

Amazon: Although I try to support local there is no denying that Amazon has their grocery game growing. They even offer meal kits now. Mix a meal kit with the Hot Logic Mini and you are set!


Save Money Shopping Online

Keep an eye out for opportunities for savings. Sometimes shopping online for your groceries is a great way to change the way you eat as your cart (money spent) and what you put in your cart makes you much more aware.

If you are an avid online shopper I HIGHLY recommend using SwagBucks. I have added them to my toolbar so I shop online or even search for a product I earn Swagbucks towards gift cards. You can even earn Amazon Gift Cards towards online food orders!


I hope I have helped a little bit. Finding out you are Gluten Intolerant is not fun BUT:  it can be a great lifestyle change when you start feeling better. You are not alone!



Are you starting a Gluten Free Diet? Do you have any questions? Let me know! I would love to help you start your road to Gluten Free!