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Fall off the bone Crockpot Ribs

Fall off the bone Crockpot Ribs

Crockpot Ribs

Eating Ribs
Doug eating ribs (he has been warned his pictures are up for use!)

These ribs are a labor of love for me. The recipe took me a couple of years to get the right timing, heat, and flavors down.

Now that I finally got the recipes and flavors down, these are a go-to winter or summer meal for me. My father-in-law LOVES ribs and often requests them if they are coming to visit.

Different Marinades

The best thing I love about these are the tons of different flavors you can use!

Here are some of my favorite marinades:

  1. Hard Apple Cider (Red’s Wicked Apple is my favorite in the small can)
  2. Dr. Pepper
  3. Coke
  4. Rootbeer
  5. Any beer

You can really choose whichever flavor you want! Using any of these are great as they tenderize the meat and help in the crock pot.


Cooking made easy!

Not much is needed to get started. Marinating overnight is not necessary, but I find that flavors develop better and have more time to tenderize.

  1. Add racks to the crockpot & evenly cover with all the seasonings (NOTE: I cut the rack in half to fit my crockpot and fit more evenly for cooking.

    My first ribs in our apartment. They broke but they tasted great.
  2. Dice half of a sweet white onion and spread evenly over the meat.
  3. Pour the marinade over the ribs adding just enough BBQ sauce to cover the exposed ribs.
    1. You won’t need to spray the CrockPot as the marinade adds liquid and they will cook down adding their own juice.
  4. If doing overnight: marinade in the crock pot and put in the refrigerator for the night.
  5. If cooking all day, my crockpot only has three settings: Low, High, Warm. I use warm if cooking them all day.
  6. 30 minutes before serving, remove from the Crockpot. (be careful as they will be very tender and could break)
  7. Set in a pan and cover all the ribs evenly with BBQ Sauce
  8. Cook for 20 minutes at 250 degrees to let the BBQ Sauce settle into the meat.
  9. When they are all done, portion out and enjoy!


Recommended Sides:

Some of my favorite sides I serve with my ribs. (Recipes coming soon!)

  1. Cauliflower Rice Greek Salad
  2. Red Skin Potato Salad
  3. Homemade Mac and Cheese

What are your go to summer recipes?